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The Hanover Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to revitalizing the local business landscape through innovation and collaboration for the benefit of the Hanover community.

Strength in Unity

Prosperity for All


The Hanover Chamber of Commerce serves as an advocate for local businesses. We represent the interests of our members by lobbying for favorable policies and regulations, addressing issues that affect the business community, and working with government bodies to promote a conducive business environment.

Networking and Collaboration

Our Chamber facilitates networking opportunities among local businesses and foster collaboration. We organize events, meetings, and forums where business owners and professionals can connect, share ideas, and build partnerships that contribute to the growth of the local economy.

Economic Development

The Hanover Chamber of Commerce plays a crucial role in promoting economic development within our community. We initiate and support projects that enhance the local economy, attract investment, and create jobs. This includes efforts to improve infrastructure, tourism promotion, and workforce development.

Projects, Events and Fundraisers

Explore our Projects, Events, and Fundraisers to see how we are actively shaping a thriving and vibrant Hanover community.

Hanover 300 Celebration

Join us as we celebrate 300 years of rich history, heritage and culture with this noble Parish Of Hanover.

Hanover Beach Clean Up

Join us in preserving the beauty of Lucea, Hanover, as we come together for a beach clean-up event that makes a lasting difference in our coastal community.

Lucea Cross – The – Harbor

Dive into the excitement of our upcoming Cross The Harbor event in Lucea, Hanover, where participants will embark on an unforgettable aquatic journey across our stunning harbor waters.

Meet Our Executive Board Members

Shermaine Anderson – Gayle
Nekesha Ried
Marcia Paisley
Asst. Secretary
Alfred Graham
Rohan Kentish
Public Relations Officer
Theo Chambers
Asst. Public Relations Officer


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Why Become a Member?

Become a member of the Hanover Chamber of Commerce and unlock growth opportunities

Advocacy: Benefit from effective representation and support in shaping favorable business policies.

Networking: Expand your professional network and discover collaboration opportunities.

Promotion: Increase visibility and attract customers through Chamber marketing channels.

Resources: Access valuable workshops, seminars, and expert guidance.

Community Engagement: Play an active role in the local community’s growth and development.

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Strength in Unity

Prosperity for All

Welcome to Hanover, Jamaica

Hanover, situated on the western coast of Jamaica, boasts stunning natural beauty, rich history, and a lively culture. It is the home of historic sites like the Tryall Estate and Fort Charlotte. With lush hills, golden beaches, it’s a captivating destination. Lucea, the capital, is a vibrant town known for its markets, festivals, and delicious Jamaican cuisine. Hanover offers a delightful mix of nature, history, and culture in the heart of Jamaica.